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 CINC's Infrastructure

CINC is led by the Director of CINC, with 3 divisions as follows:

 Network System is responsible for

  1. Planning and Management of campus network backbones and IP network addresses.
  2. Planning and Maintenance of Dormitory Networks.
  3. Planning and management of the campus wireless network.
  4. Management and maintenance of the campus network equipment and servers.
  5. Planning and management of external networks and connections.
  6. Planning and building mechanisms for information security.
  7. Monitoring and management of the campus network .(traffic, virus protection, infringement, offensive information)
  8. Planning and building Simulated/Virtual Host Server.
  9. Planning and management of large network storage devices.
 Information Management is responsible for
  1. Development and maintenance of school administrative information system.
  2. Promotion of office automation system applications.
  3. Establishment and maintenance of school database systems.
  4. Planning and Introducing advanced technology for software development.
  5. Introduction of security development technology.
  6. Compilation and management of the technical documentation of the school system.
  7. Technical support to administrative systems and educational training.
  8. Planning on matters related to software purchases and technical outsourcing.
  9. Information services on various school matters.
 Administration & Consultation is responsible for
  1. Administrative support and technical advice related operations.
  2. Planning and promoting campus information security.
  3. Maintenance and management of computer classrooms in CINC.
  4. Planning and management of computer equipment and maintenance staff.
  5. Activities for promoting information system applications.
  6. Setting up specifications for computer/network equipment requisitions.
  7. Plans and training to help teachers and students develop their competence in computer and information processing.
  8. Planning and developing campus websites to improve the ranking of STUST on the Internet.
  9. Management and promotion of the digital learning platform.
  10. Consultations and services related to campus licensed software.