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Flip eLearning

Flip Digital Learning System is a campus platform that encompasses online teaching, network communities (class websites, club websites, and project/laboratory sites), campus blogs (student portfolios), and many other systems. It creates a digital environment for teachers and students in their teaching and learning. With its "one place for all" design, it provides both teachers and students with a satisfactory approach to the information they need.

Online Teaching
Flip Digital Learning offers students online digital programs for class reviews, access to class materials, after-class discussions, assignment submissions and online tests.
LINK: http://flip.stust.edu.tw/ 》

Campus Communities
There is another platform (My.stust.edu.tw) which provide space for class websites, club websites, project/laboratory sites, and many other sites; each has its exclusive website for information exchange with its visitors to encourage them to participate in its activities.
LINK: http://my.stust.edu.tw/board/index.php 》

Campus Blogs
My.stust.edu.tw also provide each student with a blog dedicated to his learning process, where he can show his creativity, enhance his ability to use information, plan and record his learning process. When students graduate, they can have a personal portfolio to show how have learned and what they have achieved over the past four years. My Homepage integrates a student’s academic activities with his personal involvement in class websites, club websites, and blogs (personal portfolio), so that the student can easily and quickly grasp what courses he has taken, what student clubs he has participated, and what discussions, events , announcements, documents and other information are there in his personal blog. It is easy to get started with My digital Learning.
LINK: http://my.stust.edu.tw/portfolio/index.php   》