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E-mail Account

*How to apply for the e-mail account? (faculty use only)
*First, fill out the application form. 
1.Applicant Information 
(1) Name 
(2) Contact phone
(3) Department
(4) ID number 
(5) Teacher's ID (Teacher Only) 
(6) UserName (4-15 character) Part-time staff please use more than eight characters  
Lowercase letters and number combination used, no underlined or dash.

Second, print out the application form. 
2. Signature of Applicant 
3. Signature of department chair 

Third, hand out the copy of your application form to the computer and information network center. 

Finally, please「Enable 」the form in the next day to complete the procedure. 

Note : 
1. Each person (ID card) can only apply for an account. 
2. For changing password, please download the 「e-mail password change application form」.