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About Us

STUST set up the Computer Center in 1976 when computers were first applied to support the school network and computer courses for teaching, practice, and research. In 1986, the Computer Center was renamed as the Center of Electronic Computing, which began to build a cross-campus network system to gain access to more academic resources and thereby create a better environment for student practice and faculty research. In 1993, the STUST network system was connected to the Taiwan and international academic networks via National Cheng Kung University in 2001, and the Computer and Information Networking Center (CINC) was established, with three divisions added in 2010--administrative and advisory division, educational information division, and network systems division. 

CINC is Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology's central organization for technology-based services for University students, faculty, staff, and administrators. Computer and Information Network Center provides computer, network, and Internet services to the entire University. Computer and Information Network Center connects people to people, to their work and studies, and to the information, training, and technical resources they need to achieve their goals.