Wireless Network

Wireless network coverage
Currently every building is equipped with a wireless campus network receiver, and the wireless network covers all the buildings for academic and administrative purposes and the surrounding areas. Network signals may be weaker in open areas outdoors (spaces for sports, parking areas, bushes, etc.) especially they are far away from any building. 

How to use
Visit the homepage of STUST, the browser will automatically lead you to the wireless network authentication page (as shown below), enter your username and password and begin to use the wireless network services after both are validated.

 Faculty and students:Please use your school e-mail account password.
 Temporary Account:Please apply for temporary accounts if any department or unit needs to use the wireless network in 
an international conference or for a particular event.
 Wireless Roaming:For any individual or unit that has joined the Roaming Wireless of Taiwan Academic Networks (by inquiry), please enter your full e-mail account and password.
 Consultant:Mr.Tsai Email: cftsai@mail.stust.edu.tw ext: 2603