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Open Courseware

The idea of OCW originated in the Open Courseware of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which aimed to share its school resources with others around the world. To give back to the community what MIT had taken from it, the goal of OCW consortium was to enable the sharing of online course materials across the world through the digital portal Open Courseware.

OCW Introduction
The OCW is implemented and promoted in accordance with the concept of the STUST Teaching Excellence Project: The purpose is to ensure the quality of teaching and enhance the effectiveness of learning, to meet the basic requirements of education by making teachers teach well and students learn well, and to share resources with the community where they come from.

Open Education and Education Network to promote education for the current trend to more efficiently provide diversified and high-quality OCW share teaching resources and experience, focused educational resources, by the power of groups together to resolve technical and intellectual property rights, etc. aspects of the problem, open sharing of educational resources for students to learn not only helpful for the teacher's professional growth also helped.

We currently with Department Core courses and general education humanities course as promoting the spindle, and then extended to other professional courses, the professional knowledge, practical skills and other content, build rich and diverse learning networks, and guide students to effectively use open learning resources, construct knowledge.

Currently open sharing of database design, engineering, teaching, calculus, mechanics of materials and international etiquette five course content, the course syllabus, course information, class handouts, teaching scene captured video, assignments and links to resources, etc., to provide self- academics and students have an easy and free web space for learning and self- learning, thus achieving the goal of lifelong learning.

LINK: http://ocw.stust.edu.tw 》