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Information Systems

To improve the administrative efficiency of STUST and to keep pace with the advent of a networking era, in 2000 CINC launched a network integration of course arrangement, online course-selection, and other administrative processes for educational purposes. The integration later progressed to include student affairs, general affairs, accounting, personnel, and many other operations. The network integration of administrative systems was primarily developed by CINC and supplemented by outside resources, in an effort to effectively support the development strategies of STUST and the characteristics of its administrative culture, without diminishing its flexibility and efficiency. In 2005, CINC began its introduction of the electronic system of official documents; in 2009, CINC developed a new electronic platform, allowing teachers and administrative staff to sign and review official forms and documents on-line. The school network was further enhanced by the e-portal, a sign-in system that integrates access to a variety of information systems for different users on campus.

 The Academic and Administrative Information Systems are developed by CINC, based on the development  technology of Microsoft, particularly ASP.NET and MS SQL. The system covers each and every office and division of school administration. With the development of mobile devices, CINC is now actively working on mobile network solutions. For access to The STUST Administrative Information System, please login to the main entrance eportal.stust.eud.tw