Apply for an IP Address

Common IP applications
The process is as follows:

(A) automatic IP acquisition: Set the computer to automatically obtain IP. 

(B) Registration checking: The system will determine if the computer in use has been registered with CINC and has applied for an IP. Registered computers are allowed direct access to the campus network, while those not registered will be given a temporary IP.

(C) Temporary IP: A temporary IP can only be connected to the IP / MAC application system, and are not allowed to access any external networks.

(D) Registration of personal information: As long as you are a faculty member or a student of STUST, you can log in IP/MAC application system to register your personal information and send it to CINC.

If you cannot access the IP / MAC application system, please contact CINC: Ext: 2605

(E) Reboot: After sending your personal information to CINC, please turn the computer off and wait for five minutes as the system automatically sets up your IP information. When you re-boot your computer, you will be given a formal IP to start the Internet services.

(F) Formal IP use and traffic flow monitoring: The system will record the network traffic flow of one’s formal IP. When the network traffic flow of a formal IP is not used over 2 months, the system will stop the IP, and the user must go to the IP / MAC application system to apply for a new IP. As long as there is a constant traffic flow, every formal IP will always be ready for the user.

IP application for special device
When a network device does not provide browser interface users any connection to the Internet, the user must apply for an IP address following the steps described in:Link
IP termination and inquiry
When a computer is no longer used for any network service—due to malfunction, elimination, or transfer of title, the user may go to the system to officially cancel the MAC address and release formal IP.